HTML Folder Structure

When you're first learning HTML and building basic websites, organising your files properly is important so your site runs smoothly. Using the right folder structure will make development easier and your life less messy!

Why Folder Structure Matters

Folder structure might seem mundane, but it can have a big impact as your site grows. Some benefits include:

  • Keeping Files Organised - With all your HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and image files neatly organised in folders, you'll be able to find what you need more easily.

  • Preventing Path Issues - Using a good folder structure will prevent broken image paths and links in your site.

  • Easier Collaboration - If working with other developers, having an intuitive folder structure will make it simple to navigate each other's files.

  • Scaling Up Easier - Adding new pages and features will be more straightforward with separate folders for HTML, assets, etc.

A Basic Folder Structure

To start, you can set up something simple like this:

This sets up the following folders:

  • css - All CSS files

  • img - Image assets

  • js - JavaScript files

  • index.html - Homepage file

You can then add all your custom CSS, JS, and image files to their respective folders rather than crowding everything into one place. Be sure to properly link to these files from any HTML pages!

As you add additional pages, simply create new .html files in the root folder. This keeps everything clean as opposed to nesting some pages within sub-folders.

Expanding the Structure

As your project grows, you may want to expand your structure. Here are some ideas:

  • Create a "partials" folder for HTML snippets/components

  • Add folders for specific types like "icons" or "logos" within "img"

  • Use sub-folders within "css" (like "modules") to organize stylesheets

  • Group JS files by functionality into folders like "forms", "gallery", etc.

  • Group your pages (html files) into sub directories based on the context of your project.

The key is keeping related files together so both you and your site can scale more smoothly. Implementing even a basic folder hierarchy will lead to easier development ahead!

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