JavaScript Basics

Week 1: Introduction to JavaScript

  • Class 1: JavaScript Fundamentals

    • What is JavaScript and its role in web development

    • JavaScript's evolution and compatibility

    • Setting up a JavaScript development environment

  • Class 2: Variables and Data Types

    • Declaring variables: var, let, const

    • Primitive data types: string, number, boolean, undefined, null

    • Type coercion and type conversion

Week 2: Functions and Control Flow

  • Class 3: Functions in JavaScript

    • Defining functions: function declarations vs. expressions

    • Function parameters and return values

    • Scope and closures

  • Class 4: Conditional Statements and Loops

    • If statements, switch statements

    • Iteration with for, while, and do-while loops

    • Control flow and decision-making in JavaScript

Week 3: DOM Manipulation with JavaScript

  • Class 5: Introduction to the Document Object Model (DOM)

    • Understanding the DOM and its structure

    • Accessing and manipulating DOM elements

    • Event handling and listeners

  • Class 6: DOM Manipulation and Interactive Web Pages

    • Modifying HTML content and attributes

    • Creating and removing DOM elements dynamically

    • Practical exercises in building interactive web pages

Week 4: Advanced JavaScript Concepts

  • Class 7: Object-Oriented Programming in JavaScript

    • Objects and prototypes

    • Constructors and classes (ES6)

    • Object-oriented programming principles

  • Class 8: Asynchronous JavaScript and Promises

    • Asynchronous programming with callbacks

    • Introduction to Promises for handling async operations

    • Error handling with try...catch

    • Review and recap of Month 3 content

Throughout Month 3, students will practice writing JavaScript code to manipulate the DOM, create interactive web pages, and gain a solid understanding of fundamental programming concepts. Practical exercises and assignments will reinforce their knowledge, and resources will be provided for self-paced learning.

By the end of Month 3, students should have a strong foundation in JavaScript basics, ready to build more complex web applications in the following months.

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