Month 1 Workshops

Week 1: Introduction to HTML Workshop Scenario 1: Building a Personal Website

  • Scenario: Participants are tasked with creating a personal website using HTML. They can include an "About Me" section, contact information, and links to their social media profiles.

  • Objectives: To apply the basics of HTML, including creating an HTML document, using headings, paragraphs, and links.

  • Activities: Participants will start with a blank HTML file and gradually build their personal website, adding content and formatting.

Week 2: HTML Structure and Elements Workshop Scenario 2: Creating a Recipe Page

  • Scenario: Participants are asked to create a web page that displays a recipe. The page should include the list of ingredients, cooking instructions, and an image of the dish.

  • Objectives: To practice structuring an HTML document, using lists, and embedding images.

  • Activities: Participants will begin with an HTML template and fill in the content for their recipe page, applying appropriate HTML elements for organization.

Week 3: HTML Forms and Input Workshop Scenario 3: Designing a Contact Form

  • Scenario: Participants are challenged to design a contact form for a fictional website. The form should include fields for name, email, message, and a submit button.

  • Objectives: To learn how to create HTML forms, input elements, and handle user input.

  • Activities: Participants will create an HTML form, define form fields, and set up the form to submit data to a specified email address.

Week 4: HTML Semantics and Best Practices Workshop Scenario 4: Building a Blog Post

  • Scenario: Participants are provided with content for a blog post and are tasked with structuring it using semantic HTML elements. They must create a well-organized and semantically correct blog post.

  • Objectives: To reinforce the importance of semantic HTML and best practices for content structure.

  • Activities: Participants will review the provided blog content and restructure it using semantic HTML elements like,,, and.

These workshop scenarios are designed to be hands-on and practical, allowing participants to apply what they've learned during the weekly classes. They reinforce HTML fundamentals while engaging participants in creative and real-world scenarios.

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