Month 6 Workshops

Certainly, here are four workshop scenarios, one for each week of Month 6, which focuses on Back-End Development with Node.js:

Week 1: Introduction to Node.js Workshop Scenario: Building a Basic HTTP Server

In this workshop, students will apply what they've learned about Node.js fundamentals to build a basic HTTP server from scratch. They will create a server that listens on a specific port, handles incoming HTTP requests, and responds with appropriate HTTP status codes and messages. Students will gain hands-on experience setting up the server, defining routes, and handling different HTTP methods like GET and POST.

Week 2: Building RESTful APIs with Node.js Workshop Scenario: Creating a RESTful API for a To-Do List

In this workshop, students will dive into RESTful API development using Node.js and Express.js. They will work on building a RESTful API for a simple To-Do List application. Students will define routes for creating, reading, updating, and deleting tasks, ensuring that the API adheres to RESTful principles. They will also implement basic validation and error handling for the API endpoints.

Week 3: Data Storage with MongoDB Workshop Scenario: Building a CRUD Application with MongoDB and Mongoose

In this workshop, students will focus on data storage using MongoDB and Mongoose, an Object Data Modeling library for MongoDB. They will create a CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) application that interacts with a MongoDB database. Students will define Mongoose schemas, models, and use them to perform database operations like adding, retrieving, updating, and deleting records.

Week 4: Advanced Back-End Development Workshop Scenario: Implementing User Authentication with Passport.js

In this workshop, students will explore advanced back-end development by implementing user authentication and authorization using Passport.js. They will create a user authentication system, allowing users to register, log in, and access protected routes. Students will work on integrating Passport.js strategies for local authentication and learn how to manage user sessions and secure routes effectively.

Each of these workshops will provide students with practical experience in applying the concepts and tools covered in Month 6. They will work on real-world scenarios and gain confidence in their back-end development skills using Node.js and related technologies.

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