Month 8 Workshops

Week 1: Project Planning and Ideation Workshop

  • Scenario 1: "Group Product Presentation"

    • Students form small teams and play the roles of product owner. Each team must create a project proposal for a new web application, complete with a pitch presentation. This workshop simulates the initial project ideation and planning phase, where students learn to define objectives, project scope, and target audiences.

Week 2: Project Development and Prototyping Workshop

  • Scenario 2: "Wireframing and Prototyping Challenge"

    • Students are given a real-world problem and are tasked with creating wireframes and prototypes for a web or mobile application. They will use wireframing and prototyping tools to visually design the user interface and demonstrate the project's key features. This workshop emphasizes the importance of planning and designing before coding.

Week 3: Project Implementation and Testing Workshop

  • Scenario 3: "Code Review and Bug Bash"

    • Students conduct a code review of a fellow student's project work. They identify code quality issues, security vulnerabilities, or potential improvements. After the code review, a "bug bash" session is held, where students intentionally introduce bugs into a project, and their peers must find and fix them. This workshop enhances coding and debugging skills while fostering collaboration.

Week 4: Project Presentation and Deployment Workshop

  • Scenario 4: "Demo Day and Deployment Simulation"

    • Students prepare for a simulated "Demo Day" where they present their completed projects to a panel of instructors or mentors. They showcase the project's features, functionality, and design choices. After the presentations, there is a deployment simulation where students deploy their projects to a staging environment, ensuring everything works smoothly before going live. This workshop hones presentation and deployment skills.

These scenarios provide hands-on experiences that align with the objectives of each week in Month 8, reinforcing project management, development, testing, and deployment skills while simulating real-world challenges and scenarios that students may encounter in their careers.

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