Advanced JavaScript

Week 1: Object-Oriented Programming in JavaScript

  • Class 1: Objects and Prototypes

    • Understanding objects in JavaScript

    • Prototypes and inheritance

    • Object manipulation and extensions

  • Class 2: Constructors and Classes (ES6)

    • Constructor functions and their usage

    • Introduction to ES6 classes

    • Class constructors, methods, and properties

Week 2: Asynchronous JavaScript and Promises

  • Class 3: Asynchronous Programming with Callbacks

    • Understanding asynchronous JavaScript

    • Callback functions and their usage

    • Callback hell and its solutions

  • Class 4: Introduction to Promises

    • Promise basics: creating, resolving, and rejecting promises

    • Chaining promises for sequential operations

    • Error handling with promises and the .catch() method

Week 3: ES6+ Features and Modules

  • Class 5: ES6+ Features

    • Arrow functions and their benefits

    • Template literals and string interpolation

    • Destructuring assignments and the spread operator

  • Class 6: ES6 Modules and Module Systems

    • Import and export statements in ES6

    • Organizing code into modules

    • Using third-party libraries and modules

Week 4: JavaScript Best Practices

  • Class 7: Code Quality and Style

    • Writing clean and maintainable code

    • Code formatting and linting tools

    • Code commenting and documentation

  • Class 8: JavaScript Debugging, Performance & NodeJS

    • Debugging techniques and tools

    • Profiling and optimizing JavaScript code

    • Browser developer tools and extensions

    • Review and recap of Month 4 content

    • Introduction to NodeJS

Throughout Month 4, students will deepen their understanding of JavaScript by exploring advanced topics such as object-oriented programming, asynchronous programming, and ES6+ features. Practical exercises, coding challenges, and debugging sessions will help solidify their knowledge. Additionally, best practices for writing efficient and maintainable code will be emphasised.

By the end of Month 4, students should be well-versed in advanced JavaScript concepts and ready to tackle more complex web development tasks.

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