Month 4 Workshops

Week 1 Workshop: Object-Oriented JavaScript Scenario: In this workshop, students will work on building a simple JavaScript application that models a virtual library. They will create JavaScript objects to represent books, authors, and libraries, exploring object-oriented programming concepts. Students will learn how to define constructors, create instances of objects, and use prototypes to add methods and properties to objects. They will practice organizing and managing data effectively using object-oriented principles.

Week 2 Workshop: Asynchronous JavaScript and Promises Scenario: In this workshop, students will develop a weather application that fetches weather data from an external API asynchronously. They will work with asynchronous JavaScript, making API requests and handling responses using promises. Students will learn how to manage multiple asynchronous operations, chain promises for sequential tasks, and handle errors gracefully. This workshop will emphasize practical experience with asynchronous programming.

Week 3 Workshop: Exploring ES6+ Features Scenario: In this workshop, students will work on a coding challenge that encourages them to use ES6+ features like arrow functions, template literals, and destructuring assignments. They will be tasked with refactoring an existing JavaScript codebase to make it more concise and readable using these modern JavaScript features. This workshop will highlight the benefits of ES6+ syntax and encourage students to adopt best practices in their coding.

Week 4 Workshop: Debugging and Performance Optimization Scenario: In this workshop, students will analyze and optimize a web application's performance. They will identify bottlenecks and performance issues using browser developer tools and profiling techniques. Students will work on practical exercises to optimize code, implement caching strategies, and improve the application's load time. They will gain hands-on experience in debugging and optimizing JavaScript code for better performance.

These workshop scenarios align with the topics covered in Month 4 and provide students with valuable hands-on experience, reinforcing their understanding of advanced JavaScript concepts.

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