Advanced Back-End Development

Week 1: Authentication and Authorisation

  • Class 1: User Authentication

    • Implementing user registration and login

    • Using JSON Web Tokens (JWT) for authentication

    • Securing routes and protecting sensitive data

  • Class 2: Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

    • Understanding RBAC principles

    • Assigning roles and permissions

    • Managing user roles and access levels

Week 2: SQL Databases and PostgreSQL

  • Class 3: Introduction to SQL Databases

    • Exploring SQL databases and their advantages

    • SQL vs. NoSQL databases

    • Setting up a PostgreSQL database

  • Class 4: SQL Queries and Data Manipulation

    • Writing SQL queries: SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE

    • Joins and relationships between database tables

    • Handling transactions and database integrity

Week 3: API Security and Best Practices

  • Class 5: API Security Best Practices

    • Securing RESTful APIs against common threats

    • Rate limiting and API abuse prevention

    • Handling CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing)

  • Class 6: Documentation and Testing

    • Generating API documentation with tools like Swagger

    • Writing unit tests and integration tests

    • Test-driven development (TDD) principles

Week 4: Deployment and Hosting

  • Class 7: Deployment Strategies

    • Preparing applications for deployment

    • Deployment options: cloud platforms, VPS, and PaaS

    • Continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD)

  • Class 8: Performance Optimization

    • Performance profiling and monitoring

    • Caching strategies

    • Scaling strategies and load balancing

    • Review and recap of Month 7 content

Throughout Month 7, students will focus on advanced back-end development topics, including authentication, authorization, SQL databases, and API security. They will also learn best practices for documenting and testing their APIs. Additionally, students will explore deployment strategies and performance optimization techniques to ensure their applications are efficient and scalable. Practical projects and hands-on exercises will help students apply these concepts to real-world scenarios.

By the end of Month 7, students should have a strong grasp of advanced back-end development principles and be well-prepared for more complex challenges in the following months.

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